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YaYaBeans® Multivitamin

+Zinc and Iodine


YaYaBeans® Multivitamin raspberry are delicious nutraceuticals containing essential vitamins and minerals. They are suitable for children, adults and also for vegetarians. 

Because of the fruity raspberry flavor are the YaYaBeans® Zinc + Iodine ideal for children from 4 years on. YaYaBeans® are not comparable with normal Jelly Beans. The tasty YaYaBeans® contain valuable vitamins and minerals. Altogether they include 12 essential vitamins. As a result the YaYaBeans® provide valuable vitamins for the entire day. They have been developed by a team of pharmacists. The dosage is tailored to the need of vitamin supply of children. 

Especially in the growth phases of children or in stressful situations the body needs nutrients. A balanced vitamin-rich diet is an essential part. Because a healthy diet alone often isn't sufficient, you can get an extra boost of vitamins with our YaYaBeans®.

Children aged 4 and older: 3 YaYaBeans® per day
Adults: 6 YaYaBeans® per day

Suited for vegetarians!


Dietary supplements such as the YaYaBeans® Multivitamin Raspberry are not intended to replace a balanced diet. The YaYaBeans® Multivitamin Raspberry are not comparable with traditional sweets. Excessive consumption may endanger health.

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