YaYaBären® Vitamin C + Zinc


Nutraceuticals such as the YaYaBears® Vitamin C + Zinc contain valuable vitamins and suitable for children. Their sweet flavor and the soft consistency makes them children first choice. The little fruit gums contain 9 essential vitamins in a daily dose. Therefore, YaYaBears® aren't comparable with traditional sweets.

YaYaBears® Vitamin C + Zinc have been developed by a team of pharmacists in our own research and development department. They aim to strengthen the body of children during the period of growth.

During growth and throughout the sometimes stressful daily life the body needs additional nutrients. Since a healthy diet often doesn't contain enough nutrients, YaYaBears® are an excellent way to boost the vitamin supply.

Children aged 4 and older: 1 YaYaBear® per day
Adults: 2 YaYaBears® per day


Nutraceuticals such as the YaYaBears® Vitamin C + Zinc are not intended to replace a balanced diet. The YaYaBears® Vitamin C + Zinc are not comparable with traditional sweets. Excessive consumption may endanger health.

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