Vitamin Gummies strong like a Bear

Over 20 years ago, YaYa created the world's first vitamin fruit gum. The idea behind it: providing children with important vitamins with the help of the small, delicious bears. Since then, founder and pharmacist Wolfgang Marks has continued to develop his vision.

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YaYaBeans® rich in Vitamins for Young and Old

The requirements on a healthy lifestyle and one's own diet are constantly changing. Therefore, in 2014 the pharmacy team developed a vegetarian alternative to the YaYaBears® - the YaYaBeans®. The jelly beans are available in three flavours: apple, raspberry and orange. They contain ten vitamins as well as the trace elements Zinc and Iodine and offer a simple alternative to ensure the vitamin supply.

Zu den YaYaBeans®

What is special about YaYa Products?

In 1977, the pharmacist Wolfgang Marks founded Amapharm GmbH with a clear vision: vitamins especially for children and adults. For this, he combined the gummy bears, which are popular with children, with valuable vitamins and minerals.

A resounding success that gives parents and children a lot of joy even today. The Amapharm product range is now enthusiastically accepted in more than 40 countries.

Marketing director Tim Marks explains: “In some development stages, children need the full spectrum of minerals and vitamins. Despite a balanced diet, there can sometimes be a lack of nutrients. As children like to snack, they can easily take important vitamins with the bears.” However, the YaYaBears® are not conventional sweets, but rather high-dose vitamin fruit gums. Therefore, children from the age of four should only eat one bear. Adults can consume two.

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