YaYaBears® and YaYaBeans® - tasty vitamin supplements for children
YaYaBears® - Vitamin Gummies for children
Huge strength for the immune system
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YaYaBeans® Raspberry - vitamins for children against nutrient deficiency
Awesome superpowers
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Bearman And Beany

Alive and kicking with tasty superpowers

Sniffle Rogues, Weary Monsters and Bad Bugs can pack up. Bearman and Beany give you the daily portion of superpower. The baddies won’t like the balanced combination of essential vitamins and valuable minerals – but you will! Whether you’re young or old, Bearman and Beany are the tasty addition for children and the healthy snack for adults. Popular for topping up the nutrient balance, raising ability to concentrate, or simply keeping fit. Find out more about the tasty, fruity superheroes!


Nutraceuticals such as the YaYaBears® and YaYaBeans® are not intended to replace a balanced diet. The YaYaBears® and YaYaBeans® are not comparable with traditional sweets. Excessive consumption may endanger health.